Animal Facts:  

Here are some of the interesting facts about animals featured in our latest episodes! (Answer Key at the Bottom)

Animal Question #1

Which animal has teeth that never stop growing?

                a) Wolf

                b) Mountain Lion

                c) Beaver


Here's a clue...most rodents have teeth that grow continuously.

Animal Question #2

Which migrating animal has the largest population?

                a) Eland

                b) Elephant

                c) Thomson's gazelle

                d) Wildebeest

Here's a clue...around 1.5 million wildebeest take part in the Serengeti migration. 

Animal Question #3

Which small animal had an ancestor as big as a car?

                a) Armadillo

                b) Possum

                c) Beaver


Here's a clue...although a possum has been around for over 70 million years, it was never very big.

Animal Question #4

How many pounds of food does an elephant eat each day? 

                a) 100 pounds

                b) 200 pounds

                c) 300 pounds


Here's a's about 4 times as much as a giraffe eats in one day. 

Animal Question #5

Which rodent had an ancestor with horns growing out of its nose?

                a) Rat

                b) Beaver

                c) Gopher 

                d) Rabbits  

Here's a clue...rabbits aren't rodents, even though they look like they should be. 

Answer Key: 

1) c

2) d

3) a

4) c

5) c