Season One Episode Guide: ​

Episode 101: 

Animal Senses

We'll test your sense about animals see, hear and smell! Find out which animal uses its' eyes to swallow, which has ears on its' knees and which has a sense of smell 100,000 stronger than a human beings. 

Episode 103: 

Animals BIG and small  

We'll test your knowledge of all creatures GREAT and small. From the most humungous animals on the planet to the ones that are so tiny you can barely see them. 

Episode 105: 

Animals Sayings  

Sayings about animals. Say what? Have you ever heard the saying blind as a bat or sweat like a pig? We'll find out the truth behind these sayings and many more! 

Episode 107: 

Animal Groups  

We're talking animal groups! Some animals prefer to live on their own. Some live in pairs. But many live in groups. So get ready as we test your animal awareness of critter congregation. 

Episode 109: 

Animals Coverings

Skin. Feathers. Scales. Every living thing has some kind of covering to protect it and we're ring to test your critter comprehension and see what you know about animal coverings.

Episode 111: 

Animal Communication  

We're out to understand animal communication. Talk, talk, talk. Why do birds sing? Why do wolves howl?...and why do lightning bugs flash? Answers to these and more! 

Episode 113: 

Animals Populations

We're investigating animal populations and how they affect each other! We'll find out which fish is called the Dino fish, and why. Which reptile can live to be 100 years old and many more interactions! 

Episode 115: 

After the Dinosaurs  

We'll look at  which animals survived the extinction event that killed all the dinosaurs, and we'll investigate just how they did it.  ​

Episode 117: 

Animals Babies  

We'll discover why baby birds peep...find out just how many eggs fish really lay....and take a peek to learn what's going on inside a kangaroo's pouch! 

Episode 119: 

Animal Diets

We'll investigate animal diets. What animals eat, how they eat it and why it's their favorite food. So join us at the table! 

Episode 121: 

Animal Societies and Families

We'll horse around with a herd of horses...laugh with the hyenas...and get busy with a bunch of bees. 

Episode 123: 

Animal Habitats

We'll uncover the polar bear's secrets for living on the ice...dig up the dirt on why lizards live in the desert , and not the forest...and jump through the jungle to find the answers to why animals live where they live! 

Episode 125: 

Ocean Life

We'll dive to the depths of the ocean to discover some of those mysteries of the deep..listen to a whale of a tale...and discover how life survives in a tide pool.

Episode 102: 

Animal Olympics

We'll discover which animals run the fastest, jump the highest and dive the deepest.... and who has what it takes to be a championship boxer. We're picking our team for the Animal Olympics! 

Episode 104: 

Animal Myths 

We're going to bust some animal myths! Can groundhogs really predict the weather? Do elephants never for forget? Does the color red really make a bull angry? All this and many more animal myths! 

Episode 106: 

Animals Confusion 

We'll delve into the world of animal confusion! 

Episode 108: 

Animals Bones  

All animals have skeletons of some sort and they come in all shapes. And all sizes! We're testing your animal awareness to see what you know about animal bones.

Episode 110: 

Animals Survival 

We'll investigate why animals go to extreme measures to survive in the wild. What scaly animal migrates for weeks without eating? ​What insect migrates over 3,000 miles? And more!  

Episode 112: 

Animals Domesticated and Wild 

We'll discover what makes wild animals wild and domestic animals...not. We'll also find out where house cats lived before house, what animals can travel 200 mph through the air and more! 

Episode 114: 

Animal Movement 

We'll investigate how different animals move around in their environments? We'll also find out which bird is the only bird that can fly backwards? Which animal uses it's jaw for navigation? .... and can frogs fly?

Episode 116: 

Animals in Disguise  

We'll investigate animal camouflage. We'll also find out how zebras got their stripes. How a stick can walk...and which snakes are the poisonous ones. ​

Episode 118: 

Animals Adaptation 

We'll ask why the giraffe has such a long neck..see what else a skink can do besides stink...and consider how to keep cool like a camel on the desert sands! 

Episode 120: 

Animal Mysteries  

We'll find out why animals are so busy taking how to dive to the depths of the ocean...and ask, is there such a thing as a living fossil?

Episode 122: 

Animals and Us 

We'll dig up the origins of man's best out for the man-eating tiger...and investigate how humans can share the planet with all of our furry, scaly, and feathery friends!   

Episode 124: 

Animals in Your Neighborhood  

We'll discover why rats and mice are such great city-dwellers...see what sticky-fingered deer are stealing from campers...and find out just how neighborly a heard of elephants can be. 

Episode 126: 

Night and Day  

We'll wake up with a rooster...take a mid-day siesta with an elephant...and pull an all-nigter with a mountain lion. ​